“I love to knit.I love to do it, think about it, read about it…  I think the state of the world needs us to get back to basics, to use our hands and curl up with something cozy and tangible.”

Knots Just Knits is much more than a yarn shop though you will find an amazing selection of yarns—from traditional favorites like cotton, wool, silk, and linen to new fibers like milk, bamboo, camel, and sugar. The wide spectrum of colors available is well-organized and almost impossible to resist touching. You will also find needles, patterns and other supplies for knitting, crochet and needlepoint projects.

Owner Elizabeth Halpern envisions a gathering place for longtime needlework enthusiasts and those considering giving it a try. She named the store Knot Just Knits because her own passion extends beyond knitting, and she feels the other needle arts often get forgotten. Elizabeth’s easy laugh, positive outlook, and unique style ensure that Knot Just Knits will both be a comfortable place to hang out and your go-to shop for special or unusual yarn-related items.